Customer Testimonials for Lynnhaven Motor Company


Let me thank you in advance for taking time to look into our website and vehicles, this is very much appreciated. Finding a quality and reliable used vehicle at a fair price can be time consuming and stressful for some, and we vow to make your experience a pleasant one here at Lynnhaven Motor Company. Here are a few things to keep in mind in your search for a quality used vehicle: The cheapest price does not always assure you will net the best vehicle quality. In my 27 years of experience I learned among other things, that no 2 used cars are ever the same. Although 2 vehicles might look alike, same model, same mileage or even lower mileage, a few factors could make your ownership journey a harsh one if you do not pay attention and address these questions: A) Was this vehicle owned by a caring person or someone you just put gas in it and drove? B) Does it have any mechanical issues? C) Was this vehicle ever in a serious accident? D) I'm buying from a place where they will cater to me the same way when there is a problem with the vehicle, as they are when they are trying to sell me the vehicle? E) Will this vehicle have a warranty good enough to protect me in case of an issue? F) Are all the vehicles being shown to me here in the same grade or shape? G) Im I allowed to have this vehicle pre-inspected before I commit or purchase it? and finally H) Is the price of the vehicle fair or the lowest I can find? At Lynnhaven Motor Company our vehicles are carefully selected to meet and exceed the industry standards. Take any one of our vehicles to your trusted mechanic and have it checked it before you give us your signature or your dollars. Each vehicle comes with national warranty coverage or the remainder of its factory warranty. Our Dealership is a CARFAX Advantage dealership. Each vehicle comes with a free CARFAX and AUTOCHECK history report, and a buyback guarantee! Finally, I wish to let you know that I will work personally very hard to make sure you will be a happy, satisfied, and returning customer. As well as a friend! Best Regards, John Gabriel

Karen Del Valle - 2012 Acura TL

Car dealerships are the worst. They are. At Least for me they are. I absolutely hated the idea of never getting a price on a vehicle until the 'numbers were to be ran' in someone's office. I despise the whole aspect of negotiation. In my head, you desire a vehicle, so you research it , and bam, you know how much you want to pay. Easy as that. Well evidently it wasn't for 99.99% of the dealers I unfortunately dealt with. Now for that 00.01%? That was John at Lynnhaven. Honestly, it caught me off guard how honest and passive he was. It was so pleasant! He stocks popular cars it seems, all used, but in wonderful condition. And that was another thing! I knew I was buying used, but some of the used cars other dealers were selling were in such poor visual appearance. I mean horrid. Make up on the cloth on top of the car, dirty stained leather, melted buttons, small children smell. Nonetheless is was nice to see used cars that looked ...well new. I know I was going used, but I wanted something to be proud of, not something that I compromised with. So overall, he leads such a stress free environment. Sells lovely cars. And has wonderful deals. You can't beat it. If there was a correct, effective way to sell a car without hassle, that man has figured out. Don't sell junk. Don't harass a customer. And be honest. Now, in regards to my purchase specifically, I positively love my new Acura :)) under 23k miles, gorgeous and, of course, a great deal!

Kristen Gilmore - 2012 Volkswagen Jetta SE

Go to Lynnhaven Motor Company. Do it. My boyfriend and I had SUCH a pleasant experience at Lynnhaven Motor Company. We really can't praise it highly enough. Firstly, the value of the cars for the prices they ask is unbeatable. We were looking at a Jetta at their place, and we truly loved it. We wanted to shop around a bit longer before we bought it, and so we headed to a bigger dealership and saw some more cars. We quickly found that for the miles and age of the cars, Lynnhaven Motor Company's prices absolutely cannot be beat. They gave us everything we wanted- low prices for gently used, quality cars with low miles. They keep a small profit margin, so their prices are just phenomenal. The other place had a very comparable Jetta for nearly $2,000 more! What is most important to us, however, is the quality and the integrity of service. At Lynnhaven, we test drove two cars completely by ourselves. They don't come with and sit in the back seat and deliver their sales pitches and distract you from experiencing the car. They just give you the keys and you go. You can walk around the lot forever looking without being hounded by sales sharks. It's clear that they trust the quality of their products to speak for itself, and you don't ever feel manipulated, pushed, coerced, or even bothered. It is so wonderful to feel like they truly respect your ability to make your own choices rather than some dealerships that are obviously trying soooo hard to push you one way or another. At the other dealership, when we wanted to leave, he told us their manager wanted to see us, and directed us to his office where they shut the door and had us sit in front of his desk. It was like we were being taken to the principal's office! It was such a coercive tactic, and we didn't enjoy it at all. Then, when we were finalizing the purchase at Lynnhaven, we just sat around and talked with John. He is so friendly, so helpful, and so kind! We had some questions about the safety inspections (we're from out of the state) and he called some people to quote us some prices for maintenance for our old car right on the spot, and he got us some great discounts. And instantly, whomever John trusts, we trust because he has such high standards, great integrity, and superb character. I cannot speak highly enough of our experience there! In fact, while I was there, I jotted down a few lines that John said about his approach to business. He said, "Relax, be kind, do the job right. And I know we'll get our share." And that's just what they do! So kind, and they do the job right! And they are not some greedy, money hungry sales sharks. They're genuine people trying to help you find a great deal! Go there!

Christine D., Norfolk, VA - 2009 Toyota Camry LE

John and Anton, I just wanted to thank you both again for all your help with my new car! I drove an older car inherited from my mother--a 1989 Toyota Cressida. The car served my family long and well, and when it finally came time to retire her, to say I was dismayed would be an understatement. Although the rest of my family tends to prefer driving SUVs, I feel most comfortable in a mid size sedan. Back in July my father helped me purchase a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although the car is in excellent condition for its age, I never felt comfortable in this Jeep (e.g. larger than I care to drive, not as gas efficient as I would like). So, when my brother's Jeep (also a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in an odd twist of fate) finally gave up the ghost a few months later,  I was more than happy to pass on my Jeep to someone who would appreciate it quite a bit more. However, I was more than a little apprehensive at once again having to shop around for a more suitable vehicle. Over the years, I've seen my parents purchase cars from large dealerships with salespeople who focus on high pressure tactics in order to close sales, and that was exactly the kind of experience I DIDN'T WANT. I don't like pushy salespeople, and I'm disdainful of people who will say whatever they think the customer wants to hear, all just to make a quick buck. Thankfully, my experience with Lynnhaven Motor Company was the exact opposite--from the start, I could tell you genuinely cared about helping me to find the right car for me, as opposed to pushing me into buying a car out of my price range, or a car that may have been older inventory for you. I was impressed by your professionalism and excellent customer service, but even more impressive was the genuine sense of warmth and camaraderie I received. With attitudes like yours, it's easy to see why so many people are lifetime, repeat customers. I love my Camry, and I loved how easy the entire experience was ( e.g. no long lines at DMV) -- I could not have asked for a better time. So, efkharisto, and spasiba to you both for all your help, and I'll be sure to tell people about Lynnhaven Motor Company-- especially our fellow ODU alumni, right, John?

L.Love & rest of Love family, Newport News, VA - 2010 Nissan Altima

John, you were the answer to my prayers, I'm a believer things happen for a reason. So, when an ad in the newspaper for a vehicle fell through for our daughter, a guy told us about his friend John @ Lynnhaven Motor Company. We checked out the website and 3 cars later (in less than 10 months) we are very happy and pleased with our purchases. John even helped us sell one of our vehicles, he really went above and beyond what we expected. We highly recommend anyone to go to John, he has the best prices, best deals and the best staff. You will not find a more honest, generous & kind person he is there for you, even after your purchase if you have needs or questions. I told him he is a part of our family now. After reading the online testimonies from satisfied customers, what I thought was most interesting was the fact that all of us had one thing in common denominator when you talk about John. Not only did you get a great price, deal, and service, but you walk away having found a really good friend in him, and that is customer service no one can beat. We will always be your repeat customer. Thank you John and Staff at Lynnhaven Motor are "The Best"...from the Love family of Newport News.

Greg Corsa, Reedville VA - 2007 Honda Civic

John, I just wanted to drop you a note about how pleased I have been with our 2 car purchases from you. My son loves his Nissan and my wife is crazy about her Honda Civic.  I really appreciate the way you stand behind your cars. I will be in the market again in the next few years and my family plans on doing business with you for many years to come. Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation and also feel free to use my name.

Joe S. Virginia Beach - 2008 Honda Accord

Great cars...great friends! We purchased 8 or is 9 cars from John and Lynnhaven Motor Company in the last 7 years or so. Not only great cars..but I found a great friend who not only helps us with all our car needs, we also sit around and laugh it off every now and then. Very reliable, very honest, don't hesitate to buy your car here.

Dave Macedo, Brad Dunleavy Basketball coaches - Virginia Wesleyan University is #1

To Lynnhaven Motor Company, Thanks for all your help! John, you run a first class business. We love our new cars! Go Marlins!! Coach Macedo, Coach Dunleavy

Ken Longo - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

John, Thank you for putting this big smile on my sweethart's face! Alice loves the Crossfire and she is very happy. Thank you for your honesty and integrity in business, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Respectfully, Ken

B.Dunleavy, Newport News VA - 2010 Infiniti G35

I have now bought 4 cars over the past 9 years from John at Lynnhaven Motor company. He is the most fair and reliable guy I have met. He will always make sure he gets you what you want and will make sure you are more than happy before driving off the lot. He even will help you with maintanance even years after, he will use his connections to get you better pricing on tires, brakes, etc. I have been sending friends and family to him for years and we are all very happy. I just purchased the 4th last week. John thank you for the new Infiniti!

Roger S., Ashburn, VA - 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

Talk about family business! Lynnhaven is a small, family owned (complete with the owner's locally sponsored baseball team photos on the wall) dealership in VA Beach. My niece found her "dream car" at Lynnhaven (through Sales person Anton was kind enough to wait as we completed a 1.5 hour drive. After a test drive, a few questions and polite discussion, we were moving forward with paperwork. Niece is delighted and the proud new owner of an '08 Jetta. You can sense owner John Gabriel's genuine desire for a square deal when he speaks. He's the kind that fully understands how important word of mouth is and treats you in a way that will make you want to recommend him to your friends and family. Thanks also to Aaron for his assist and if the opportunity presents itself, we will definitely buy again from Lynnhaven.

Adrian Francis and Tejero J. Rawlins - 2011 Chevy Camaro

Thanks to these fine folks, this is the 3rd vehicle purchased here!

Adriane & Trudy Young - 2008 Toyota Camry

Thank you guys, our second car purchased here from Lynnhaven Motor Company!

J. Miller, Virginia Beach, VA - 2009 Toyota Camry

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CAR COME HERE FIRST! The cars, the service, and the prices can not be matched! When I first learned how to drive my father and I found a great car for the family and myself to share, a Volkswagen Passat. I loved the car and it had no problems. I would still have it to this day if it wasn't for a hit and run. :( Now I had to go find another car. I wanted to buy a car for myself, so I tried looking around at other lots but kept coming back to Lynnhaven Motor Company. This was a great experience thanks to John and his staff. The miles and quality of the car seem as if it is brand-new. I found a 2009 Camry with low miles at a great price. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GIVE THIS PLACE A TRY! Take it from me, a two time buyer from this lot. Did I mention my sister's car is from here too! The cars and deals are just too good to buy anywhere else.

Mo Carter, Virginia Beach VA - 2008 Mazda 3

Excellent customer service, unbeatable quality! I never thought I would find me a car dealer as genuine and as honest as John. This dealership is one of the few HONEST ones out there. The cars are in magnificent shape and he even lets you take it off the lot to get a diagnostic check before any money is exchanged. I found a 2008 Mazda 3 with power options for under $12900. Most of the cars have only one owner and look like new. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great vehicle and an even greater value. Thanks again John and Anton.

Dan, Newport News, VA - 2009 Mitsubishi Galant

I found a G35 at this dealership via, went to take a look at it and test drove it and several other vehicles. I really had my sight set on the G35 but something in my gut told me to be cautious. John Gabriel the owner was very accomodating and helpful and his policy is to let your own mechanic check the vehicle out before purchase which i did. He even brought the vehicle out to my location which is about 25 miles away. The car had issues, some minor some potentially major so I passed on that one and instead bought a newer model, lesser mileage car. I also had this car checked out and it had no major issue at all and I really like it alot. The paperwork process went smoothly and all went as promised with John and his guys. it was a very good overall experience and I would reccommend this dealer to anyone and would go back as needed in the future.

Lori Strackbein, Virginia Beach - 2010 Honda Civic

I would like to say that this is by far the best experience I have ever had in buying a car. By mistake, I ended up at the Kia place down the street who told me not to go to a place like this. I am so glad I did not listen to them!! I will never go to big car dealership again. No pressure sales and very laid back. The young boy who helped me was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was so impressed, that I will definitely come back when I am ready to buy another car someday. This is a great place!!!

Tim Sexton - 2009 Toyota Camry

John, I wanted to thank you for the 2009 Camry my daughter purchased recently. I cannot overstate how pleased that we are. The car is perfect, it is in excellent condition with such low mileage. Best of all the price she paid for the car is lower than anything we could find in Hampton Roads. In fact that could be said for all the cars on your lot. I also appreciate how we were treated as customers. We certainly will be doing business with you for many years to come. I most strongly recommend Lynnhaven Motor Company to anyone who is in the market for their next vehicle.

Alaina , Va. Beach - 2008 Infiniti G35

Don't see what you want? John Gabriel will get it for you! He is very professional, personable, caring, and thorough. No, he is not a member of my family although in the short time that I've known him (1 1/2 months), that's how he made me feel. My car was just declared "totaled" in a car accident so I had to find another car fast and in a hurry before the rental was due though buying a car isn't enough stress. John was able to remove that stress by assuring me he was going to take care of me. And he did! He told me not to worry about the rental because he would loan me one of his cars until I purchased one. He also allowed me to sit and actually watch the internet car auction, sharing some valuable car buying insight. Yes, he disclosed information that most salesmen/saleswomen would consider previous. I was able to get the car I wanted at a price I could not had afford on any other car lot. I will be back to purchase my next car.

Amanda Reynolds, Virginia Beach, VA - 2007 Honda Odyssey

The best I've ever dealt with!!WOW! John and his Company are absolutely THE best car sales I've ever dealt with. My husband and I first bought a Honda Odyssey from John in April 2010 for a wonderful price. He even bought new floor mats at no additional charge because the original ones were destroyed by the previous owner. We loved that vehicle especially with a baby. Sadly, we were rear ended not far from home and the van was totaled. I miss that van. For some reason I had kept John's business card. My husband and I went to John's website to see if he had any Honda Odysseys on his lot. Thankfully he did. Not only was it a good price again, but it had really, really low mileage. John even held it for me for a few days with no deposit because I was a previous customer. He really knows how to treat people and is very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely go back to him for another vehicle, if I needed one! January 22nd 2011

Mark Paul, Chesapeake VA - 2008 Honda Civic

I would never have imagined that purchasing a used car could actually be an enjoyable experience. Lynnhaven Motors is not your typical used car dealer. They have a great product selection to choose from with absolutely no sales pressure and no hassle. John Gabriel is a true gentleman: honest, fair, courteous, patient, and genuinely interested in selling you the best car at a very fair price. After purchasing a car from Lynnhaven, I will not even consider going to any other dealer. I highly recommend that you stop by and see for yourself.

Anthony, Virginia Beach VA - 2002 Acura RSX

I purchased my 4th car from Lynnhaven Motor Company this past month. There's no way I will ever look anywhere else. John is not only a courteous, kind man, he will always go out of his way to help. Even if they don't have the car one is looking for, he will look to get it for you. Anyone looking for a solid used vehicle at a fair price please give this place a shot. Highly recommended!

Shawn, US NAVY - 2008 Mazda 6

I bought my vehicle from Lynnhaven Motor Company back in April of this year,and I'm STILL ecstatic and extremely satisfied with my purchase! Having been searching for months, on line and in person, numerous dealerships, it was refreshing to meet a salesperson like John, that allowed you browse and look at their stock and not hound you to death, but was a wealth of information concerning any questions you may have had about the vehicle. The price, mileage, and overall quality of the vehicle beat everywhere that I'd researched and visited. This company goes HIGHLY recommended in my book!! July 6th, 2011

Michelle Thomas - 2010 Mazda 3

John and the rest of Lynnhaven Motor Company are great! My husband and I had a very nice and relaxed experience! No one was being pushy (like how some dealerships can be), and they were always helpful when we were looking at and testing different cars. We finally decided on our 2010 Mazda 3, and love it! We will definitely tell our friends to check out Lynnhaven Motor Company. Again, thanks so much to the staff at LMC!

John & Linda J., Lynchburg, VA - 2001 Toyota Camry LE

Dear John, John and I just wanted to say thank you for finding our Camry. We really appreciate all the time and effort you spent in finding just the right one for us. Your straight-forwardness and honesty made our car purchase a comfortable experience.

Melanie Wahl - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

John Gabriel and his family owned company have been more than accommodating to us after we bought a 2012 Hyundai Sonata from him in March of 2015. We've had a couple minor issues with the car (nail in tire), so we called John & he took care of us right away. We are more than pleased with the experience we've had with them. We loved their "friendly, no-haggle" policy. It made the car buying experience very straight forward & stress free!

R. White, Virginia Beach, VA - 2006 Nissan Altima

Dear John, I just wanted to take a minute to simply say thanks for all you have done for our family. You are amazing. In today's world it is very hard to find people that care of what their customers need and do something about it with absolutely little to gain, and with such passion. Needless to say I will be more than happy to refer you to all my family and friends. All three cars are doing fine! Not that I'm in any rush, but we will see you again when we are looking for our next car. Respectfully, R.W.

Rick, Carrolton, VA - 2006 Mini Cooper

Great Company! We found our daughter a 2006 Mini Cooper at Lynnhaven Motor Company. John was very helpful to work with and had the best prices and best quality cars. We went to look at the car right after a big snowfall. John was happy to clear the snow from the car and help get it out of the snow. I was able to put the car up on the lift and look underneath. Not only have we found a new place for all our car buying needs, but we have found a new friend also. January 01, 2011

Rod S., Staunton, VA - 2004 Toyota Avalon

John, I just wanted to write to let you know that the Avalon has been absolutely terrific. In another year or two, we will be looking again, and we know where would look first- to you and Lynnhavenmotors.

WM Rav4VB - 2008 Toyota RAV4

I just bought a 2008 Toyota Rav 4 today and it was a very good experience from John, no pressure from any person that allowed us to test drive any vechicles for the amount of time to make a decision. He went over all the paperwork and made me feel good about my purchase.

Janice G., Virginia Beach, VA - 2004 Lexus ES330

John, Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, and compassion. I truly appreciate how far you have gone for...beyond selling a car to me. I will always buy my cars from you. Love and blessings.

Shawn Holmes, V.Beach - 2007 Dodge Charger

John, I purchased that 2007 Charger from you guys back in April of this year! I just wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with my purchase and I feel blessed to have found you and your dealership to give my business to. I've let all my family and friends know about my pleasant experience, and most of all, the unbelievable value and quality of your vehicles and I recommended you highly! Just wanted to thank you once again for being understanding and honest with me, as well as entertaining!! LOL!!! You are quite a guy, and I have a smile on my face every time I tell of my experience and in answering questions like "how was the salesman?", or "how was the experience?". Continued success to you my friend!

Warren, Deputy Sheriff Va.Beach, VA - 2011 Toyota RAV4

I just bought a Toyota Rav 4 from John and it was a great buy experience, no pressure, take your time and research which car will work for you. He went over everything and make sure that you feel satsifed about the buy.

Harrison Land - 2012 Honda Civic EX

Lynnhaven Motor Company turned my first car buying experience into a trustworthy and easy going process. Before LMC, I was dealing with car salesmen that were pushy and, at some places, pretty shady. After another week of doing my research on the Internet, I found that Lynnhaven Motor Company had the lowest priced vehicles with the least amount of mileage. The cars looked in pristine condition, so I decided to check them out. I was extremely impressed with the cars, and even more so with the car-buying atmosphere there. It was laid back, there was no pressure, and everyone was super friendly and trustworthy. Antonio is a funny guy and is very knowledgeable, and John Gabriel and his son run a quality family-owned/operated business. I highly recommend coming here to buy a car if you want your experience to be fun and hassle free.

T.Zelinga - 2013 Toyota Corolla

My experience with Lynnhaven Motors has been a major turning point in my life. I was leery of buying a used car even though I knew it was the smart choice for me. I had been all over Tidewater to all the large dealerships and none of them were as honest and straight forward as John Gabriel and his staff at Lynnhaven Motors. I found an excellent used Toyota that with their assistance will last for many years. Lynnhaven Motors goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your car. This is the only place I will ever buy a car from again. The pricing is fair if not lower than Kelly Blue Book , the atmosphere is friendly... no pressure. You tell them what you want, and they will do their best to make you a happy customer. Lynnhaven Motors will make your car shopping a pleasant experience. Do you homework, but definitely buy HERE!!!

Cheryl Thomas - 2012 Nissan Altima

I just picked up my 2012 Nissan Altima today!!! ONLY 19k Original Miles...Still Under Manufacturer's Warranty!! Let me just tell you this... GO SEE JOHN GABRIEL!!! He is the RIGHT person to get you into a VERY NICE car with LOW MILEAGE at a GREAT PRICE!!! VERY EASY FINANCING!!! NO HAGGLING NO FUSS NO PROBLEMS...LYNNHAVEN MOTORS COMPANY is just an AWESOME AUTO SALES DEALERSHIP to business with!!! Thank You Again John!!! God Bless!!

Gloria Obregon - 2013 Nissan Altima

I have had my car for about 4 months now and I love it! Their service is amazing and there is no pressure to buy their cars. They let you look at them on your own with them watching over your shoulder. They definitely stand by their no haggle sign!!! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Leonardo Garza - 2013 Volkswagen Jetta

Awesome place. No hassle no problem. They made my car buying experience easy and enjoyable. Purchased a quality vehicle at a great price. Thank you.

Kimiko Booker - 2011 Nissan Altima

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all of your car buying needs!!! I bought my first car from Lynnhaven Motor Company over 2 years ago. As anyone buying a car for the first time I was a nervous and anxious of the car buying experience. I found this dealership online and was appealed by the inventory & prices. I live about a hour away from the dealership & made this my first stop when I began car searching. The owner John & his staff welcomed me and my dad with their professionalism & kindness. Needless to say as soon as I drove on the lot before even going inside to the office I had already picked out my car on the lot. The owner allowed us to test drive the car and I bought the car the same day! He made the car buying process very easy & smooth with no haggling. A few days after receiving the car there was a knocking sound under the hood. I contacted the owner & he fixed the problem free of charge & I never had any more issues. Just recently I had paint chipping on my bumpers from normal wear & tear of the highway & I contacted the owner John. He had me drop my car off & was able to get my bumpers repainted at a very reasonable price. The owner & his staff definitely go above & beyond for his customers to ensure complete satisfaction. I recommend Lynnhaven Motor Company to everyone!

Janice Peters - 2012 Acura TSX

This past Monday I travelled from Richmond with 2 of my sisters to look for a new (used) car. When we arrived at Lynnhaven Motor Company we were greeted with a big smile from the owner John Gabriel. It didn't take long to realize we had found a great quality car with low mileage that was also offered at a great price. This particular car needed a few minor tweaks which John took care of right away - he quickly lined up and managed to coordinate with two different locations to get the work completed as quickly as possible the same day. I saw first hand the high level standards of quality he holds his company to, and was so happy he was able to make it possible for us to drive away with this beautiful new Acura TSX and head back to Richmond that same day. It was truly a pleasure to meet John Gabriel along with his great staff which included his son, nephew, and wife among others. And it was an honor to meet his parents who stopped by that afternoon as well. I have never had a car buying experience that compared to this one! I have already been recommending Lynnhaven Motor Company and I guarantee this will not be the last car I buy from them. And there is no doubt we will all be friends for many years to come! Thanks Lynnhaven Motor Company from your new friends in Richmond! :-)

Rafael Robles - 2006 Hyundai SantaFE

Simply the Best, I have a lot of respect for this dealership. LynnHaven Motor Company is where my found my favorite car to date, my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe in black just like I wanted. John Gabriel is a fair businessman that made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. I can recommend this place all day long because it's simply the best.

Natalie F. Trem - 2014 Honda Civic LX

Lynnhaven Motor Company is a hidden gem. What a pleasure doing business at a low-pressure, honest dealership!! John Gabriel impresses me as a man of great integrity. I am in the market for a new car as rarely as possible, but I would not hesitate to return here or to recommend it to others.

The Camry family, Yorktown, VA - 2012 Toyota Camry SE

The Lynnhaven Motor Company is a car dealership you can trust! Mr. Gabriel took down our car preferences (price, mileage, year, and colors) for a used Toyota Camry and presented several options to us within a week. He had a car shipped through a winter storm and saved for us to be the first to test drive it. In the meantime, we went to other dealerships and realized that they don't compare to Lynnhaven Motors. Mr. Gabriel genuinely cares about his customers and the service he provides is nothing less than exceptional. My family only goes to the Lynnhaven Motor Company because they have the best deals around for cars in tip top condition. Our used Toyota Camry could be mistaken as new! We are extremely grateful to have such a beautiful car in our garage this soon, and at an unbeatable price. This is the second car we've purchased from Mr. Gabriel and it is certainly not the last. We highly recommend the Lynnhaven Motor Company to everyone. You won't be disappointed! Read more at

Victoria Harris - 2013 Kia Optima

Absolutely enjoyed my experience here! This is a family oriented atmosphere, laid back without the traditional salesperson mentality. Very thorough and I did not feel pressured into the purchase made...I bought the vehicle I truly wanted. After my car accident and finding out that my car was totaled, having an experience with this dealer was the light at the end of the tunnel that I needed.

Matt Williams - 2013 Honda CRV

We love our new car and I would recommend that anyone looking for a car to start here first. The staff is easy to talk to and there is no pressure to buy a car. We got a 2013 CRV with only 28k miles. Their cars are in great condition with low mileage.

Recent buyer, Anonymous - 2015 Toyota Corolla

I have been researching for a used car in the past year or so in the Hampton Roads area (even considered NC) and have ALWAYS circled back to John Gabriel at Lynnhaven Motor Company. From larger "commercial" car dealers to smaller ones on Va Beach Blvd (and there are a LOT), this dealership is the best - you do not need to look further. I had terrible experiences with other car dealers in VB, so once I stepped into John's office, I knew that I was in the right place. John and his staff are honest, straight-forward, and extremely helpful. This is unlike any other car dealership I've visited. John only has QUALITY vehicles that are clean, fully inspected, and in pristine shape. He doesn't buy low-quality cars that are prone to issues. I've come across several people in the area who have spoken so highly of John. And after researching for so long, I knew I wanted to buy my vehicle from John and I was willing to wait for the exact make/model to come on lot JUST so I could purchase from him (even though similar cars with low miles were up for sale along the boulevard). I only trusted John. Buying a used car is a stressful process and many of the dealers in this area are subpar to say the least, but not at Lynnhaven Motor Company. I would argue that they are the MOST honest and respectable dealership in Virginia Beach. From my online research to random in-person encounters, the one word that comes up repeatedly about John is the word, "honest." And that is rare to come across with used car dealerships. They deserve a "Best on the Beach" title because this dealership already has that reputation around town. I had a wonderful buying experience and plan to purchase all future vehicles here. I highly HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE!! Read more at

Arlandra Towe - 2014 Honda Accord

BUY YOUR CAR FROM HERE !! A great company ! anyone who gives bad reviews (including dealerships) are wrong ! great guy, owner, great values, and great certified cars ! Great prices. John will beat the price of any car within 100 miles ! Nothing but positive vibes from that place. Not just from my salesman, but form every employee he had working for him. I purchased my second car from John, a 2014 Honda Accord with only 18K miles for only $16.7 . I will make sure my children buy cars from him. There were no hidden fees.

Mike Doherty - 2014 Lexus ES350

John G was friendly, upfront and honest. Gave my wife and myself a rock bottom price on a used Lexus. John was very accommodating to a couple of out-of-towners (coming from NC) and was able to navigate the process with us excellently. John is definitely in your corner for the long game, and not just point of sale. If there's a make/model you have in mind, John is more than willing to track it down for you. At least 2 more customers came in for the Lexus that day while we were filling out the paper work, and John offered to get them a similar ES 350 in a week's time. We'll definitely be making the trip to the beach for future vehicles!

William Herron - 2013 Toyota Camry SE

I just got a great deal from this place. My best experience buying a car ever. Read more at

The Leone family - 2012 Toyota RAV4

I highly recommend Mr John Gabriel's dealership for its outstanding customer service!!! It was easy to sense John's friendliness and sincerity in helping us and we liked his down to earth, honest straight talk which was a relief from the usual high pressure sales pitch. John explained the history of his business and walked us through their procurement process. He provided extensive and relevant information about purchasing a vehicle and helpful hints in choosing reputable and dependable places for car maintenance or repair. I am now a very happy owner of a 2012 Toyota Rav 4!!! It looks and drives like new!!! Thank you John, and your team, particularly Cody and Anthony for your hospitality and kind service!!

Danielle Conti - 2013 Honda CRV

In looking for a vehicle we had an appointment with a large, well known dealership in Chesapeake. I had personally talked to a salesperson about a specific vehicle, which he told me was still available, & we went that evening. In arriving, with 2 little kids in tow I find out it was sold-over the weekend!! I called the next place, Lynnhaven Motors, they were closing at 7. Mr. John Gabriel stayed open so we could go look. There was no pressure, we were able to look over the car & talk at our leisure. He was friendly and accommodating. The condition, mileage & price of the vehicle was unbeatable! Unfortunately, for the size of our family the vehicle was smaller than what we wanted, & because our vehicle was totaled we had to buy quickly. We did not buy from Lynnhaven Motors this time, but highly recommend their genuine, family value, & caring attitude. We were exceptionally pleased with the customer service & that goes a long way in a transient town! That's why I chose to take the time to right a review even though we didn't buy!! Thanks again for a great experience!

Amy Barnes - 2013 Honda Accord EX

Hello there Lynnhaven Motors! I am writing to say Thank You for such an awesome car buying experience in July. I drove from Jacksonville, NC on July 16th to see and test drive a vehicle that fit my specifications, that I saw on Cars; Cody agreed to hold to the car while I made the 3 1/2 hr. trip on that same day. I did purchase the 2013 Honda Accord-EX at the end of the business day. Cody was cordial, helpful, and very professional. I would say the best car purchasing experience I've yet encountered. I absolutely would recommend you guys to everyone, AND I will make the drive again, when I'm in the market for my next vehicle. Lynnhaven Motors is superior in every way to all other dealers, big or small. Job well done Cody! ALSO Mr. Gabriel, for your follow-up call last week with updates on my tags & registration. MANY Thank You's! All the best to you! Amy P. Barnes

Jasmine Marshall - 2013 Volkswagen Jetta

Called to inquire about a 2013 VW that my daughter was interested in they said they were closed for the day, it was around 5:30 and they closed at 5 on Saturday. So we decided just to go by and look at the car it was around 6:30 and they were still in the office so my wife and daughter went to the door and ask if they wound be able to look at the car. and to our surprise, they said yes not even knowing if she would buy it but they moved cars out of the way so we could test drive. After talking with Mr.Gabriel and his wife come to find out we are practically neighbors we live within a mile of each other. How many car dealers will tell you where they live. John explained his business model and he not only sold us a Great car but has also gain a new family of customers for life. I will tell anyone i know about this hidden jewel of a dealership! Great family business and a great family overall! Thank You so much! Larry, Jennifer and Jasmise Read more at

Stuart Shartzer - 2013 Honda Civic

Wonderful family-oriented business! Definitely at the top of my car-buying experience. John Gabriel had the perfect selection of Honda Civics for my daughter to choose from. She was extremely happy with the one settled on. Pricing was very fair and John's team was superb at getting the car prepped and impressively efficient with the paperwork processing -- hat's off to Cody. The team atmosphere at Lynnhaven Motors was highly professional, very comfortable, and tremendously personable which explains why they continually experience a huge returning clientele base throughout the years. We are from Williamsburg, Va,. and will keep Lynnhaven Motors first in mind when looking for another high-quality used car. Have already recommended same to friends and family. Read more at

Christopher Winslow - 2015 Toyota Camry

 Family run dealership, the staff here is extremely friendly and willing to help you out. No pushing to buy here and they really care about keeping a great reputation and providing great cars. The prices are very reasonable (much lower than other dealerships) and you are provided with a haggle-free price.

Nemanja Belos - 2014 Toyota Camry

Outstanding customer service,very happy with my purchase,you guys did great job,I would recommend this place to anyone!

Sean Stratton - 2014 Honda Civic

         I am soo impressed with the experience that my son and I received at Lynnhaven Motor Company . For a transaction that can usually be a grueling one (buying a car), the guys at Lynnhaven made it a great first time experience for my son. I was worried about the transaction as I was miles away in Illinois, I am a customer of Lynnhaven Motor Company for life, as well as my son. These guys are great with the military guys from the local area.      

Shannon Parry - 2015 Subaru Legacy

Great find!! Went in yesterday looking for a lightly used vehicle. Anton was our sales person very knowledgeable and HONEST! - very hard to find when shopping for cars. This family run company puts customer satisfaction first, because they want your family business. We left today with a 2015 Subaru Legacy. We will be back the next time we are looking for a fair deal on a dependable car.

Barbara Morris - 2013 Honda Civic

I want everyone to know what a wonderful dealership this is!  My daughter lives in Virginia Beach, while the rest of the family is in Massachusetts.  Last year, her car was totaled and she needed to find a replacement.  Buying a car, is an expensive proposition and there are lots of dealers who would take advantage of the situation.  Luckily she found John and Lynnhaven Motor Company.  John and his family were wonderful  and since all of my dealings with him were over the phone, I had to trust my gut feeling that he was truly as honest as he seemed....and I was right!  She loves her 2013 Honda Civic and it has been a great car at a very good price.   He and his staff have continued to provide awesome service and anytime she has needed anything like an oil change, tires etc. I feel confident telling her to "just call John".  I recently had a chance to meet John, his family and staff while I was visiting.  I left feeling great, knowing that I can trust Lynnhaven Motors to take good care of my daughter's car, which is a huge relief to a parent who can't always be there!